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Guru Fatigue Disorder (GFD)-Are You Infected?




It's all over the internet, "How I generate 3000 leads a day using this simple trick" ,  "I recruited 500 people in minutes using this system", "What your sponsor didn't tell you that could make you big money.." and on and on it goes. So many "gurus" have been born lately with such outrageous claims that you wonder why people pay them any attention. I mean seriously, if your sponsor benefits from your success, and knows what might help you become more successful in your business, why wouldn't they tell you? Seems pretty basic right?

This kind of upside down thinking has got so many people distracted, the "You can make money sitting on your couch" mentality.  So how do you know if you're suffering from GFD? Well, symptoms include spending time following 'Gurus' who make this claims, buying programs that promise success with no work, buying into every new product launch by people who have mastered the act of exploiting gullible business owners, getting frustrated because your business isn't working (when you aren't working it), ending up being confused and wondering if this is really for you.  

So how is this terrible disease treated? Thankfully, health insurance is not required for this, first get rid of the mentality that this doesn't require work, I am yet to find someone who just got lucky so embrace the fact that you are in a business, not a lottery program then find someone who has a proven track record of helping people succeed in the home business industry and be mentored by him/her instead of someone who is only out to exploit you. Block out the excess traffic in your head of checking out every self-proclaimed guru, get rid of the confusion that's sucking the life out of you. . Also, immunize yourself daily, unsubscribe from the email of any energy-sucking, time-wasting "guru" that you might still be receiving and de-clutter your mind.

Realize it's a process, to be a successful business owner your thinking has to change, you have to change and this takes time but is it worth it, absolutely. As you learn the skills required with the right mindset, while remaining consistent, you will see the results you desire. Don't allow yourself to be led astray, be mentored by those who care about your success probably more than you do. 

So here is to building a GFD-free business!

I believe in You,

Please leave your comments and let me know your  thoughts.

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